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Hey, I'm a passionate blogger based in New York. This sis blog where I post my photos and tips about my life & ideas. I'm happy to share things!

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Sex is still considered as a Taboo, at least to talk about it or have a productive discussion on. Many traditions or cultures are too sensitive about sex, but none the less, no one can deny its importance in a relationship. The simple fact that is a healthy Sex life is one of the primary aspects of any relationship.

Most writers/bloggers tend to avoid writing about this kind of topics as well. But, we are in the 21st century, right? Everyone should be aware of the role and the magnitude of importance that a healthy sex life plays in their relationship. Hence, I blog about different topics related to a mature and healthy sex life with couples

My name is Misao, and I am a 28-year-old female blogger from Japan, and I blog about how you can improve your sex (sex positions in particular). My main sources of writing materials are through the most popular and ancient old Indian sex book called Kamasutra. Even though you may not have read the actual book content, there is a high chance that you are at least familiar with the name. The Kamasutra book explores 245 different Sex positions, and despite what many people believe, they are not just some collection of perverted thoughts or illustrations. Different sex positions have their particular benefits, and they are meant to explore your sexuality positively.

Trying different sex position is completely normal, and it helps to “spice” up your relationship as well. If sex was just a set of “controlled” action or motion, it would just become a monotonous routine and eventually-boring. This “boring” factor contributes the most in any unsuccessful relationship, especially in Western cultures where Sex plays a major role in a relationship

Different sex positions enable you and your partner to explore different positions that help you stimulate your sexual desires as well. Not all positions will suit you, and neither will it suit your partner as well, but trying different positions gives you the flexibility to explore and compare them.

Also, there are several proven advantages to try different sex positions, so you know it’s not just a theory. The advantages are as follows

  • Alternate Visual access

Eyes are the second most sensitive part of our body, next to our sexual organs. Trying different sex positions allows you to change your vision angle and this ultimately enhances the sexual intimacy

  • Different Feelings

Sex position is not only about changing your physical positions. Different sex positions allow you to experience different feelings. This is especially true for women, and they experience different levels of arousal and sexual feelings for different positions

  • Emotions

What is sex? Unless it’s just some casual one night stand, Sex eventually is an emotion. It’s about sharing your emotion and expressing your Love for your partner. Trying different position helps you to ignite that sexual feeling for each other in a positive way

  • Preserves sexual passion

When you try different things, you contribute a lot towards preserving the sexual passion that you and your partner have for each other. It adds variety and adds new things to explore or anticipate from each other


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